Masala Chai Tales-Introduction


My mornings start with masala chai. At Masala Chai.

Every morning, a steaming hot earthenware cup of sweet milky masala chai is kept before me at my favorite table. I slurp, and I sip, taking in the sweet aroma of the hot chai while the steam fogs up my glasses.

Unmistakably tucked among a series of shops in Brigade Metropolis, Masala Chai is a  quaint ‘tea-room’ (as the friendly owners call it) and a gem of a place when it comes to Indian chai (tea) and snacks.

It is a small place that attracts hordes of people, office-goers, entrepreneurs, writers, the elderly, young moms and old moms, tired moms, kids, young crowds; you name a person in and around 5 kilometers who doesn’t visit this place, and I will treat you to a chai and a snack here. I will.

I love this place. Absolutely. It is like my second home. If you are looking for me and I’m not at home, you will find me here sipping cups of their famous cutting chai.

First, let me tell you about the tea here. They serve a variety of Indian chai. Cutting Chai, Masala Chai, Assam Chai, Darjeeling Chai, Black Chai, Lemon Chai, and Ginger Tulsi Chai. Cutting Chai is the famous ginger tea of India, milky and boiled with loads of ginger. Sweetened or unsweetened; as you would like it. Masala Chai is chai with a lot of Indian spices like cardomom, cloves, pepper, and some ginger too. These spices add a zing to the sweetness of the chai that almost shakes and stirs you up. The Assam Chai here has a very delicate flavor. Their Darjeeling Chai is one that oozes garden freshness. Very refreshing, and a lovely golden brown in color, this Chai leaves a lingering taste for long. Usually had unsweetened and without milk.

What also is a speciality for them is their Lemon Chai. Fresh lemon juice is squeezed into a golden mug of blonde chai. No milk, obviously. Once you take a sip, you can’t miss twirling it around in your mouth savoring its warm sweet but fruity flavor.

The other forms of beverages available here are the traditional ‘Filter Kapi,’ hot chocolate, and cold coffee for the summers. With the heat touching the stratosphere, they also serve fresh lime juice.

Here is their Chai menu.

menufinal-1 copy

Here are the lip-smacking snacks menu they offer.

menu2final blog copy

As you can see, the snack options are varied. Mostly Indian, they stir up quite a hefty and savory ‘samosa,’ a spicy mix of potatoes and nuts covered in a wheat dough layer and then fried. Another fast-moving-consumer-snack for them is the Indian ‘Pakoda,’ onions deep fried in a spicy batter of chick-pea flour. Also notable snack options are the ‘Dabeli,’ buns stuffed with spicy potatoes and layered with pomegranates, the ‘Chicken Mayo Sandwich,’ ‘Bombay Sandwich,’ ‘Egg, Cheese & Crunchy Onion Roll,’ Masala French Toast’ which is more of an Indian version of the French Toast, ‘Paneer Sandwich’ or cottage cheese sandwich, and the ‘Chilli Cheese Toast.’

We love this place so much that we have stopped making breakfast at home for the two of us. We walk, we jog, and then we head straight to this place for chai and breakfast. They cook up a variety of Omelettes, cheese burst, mushroom stuffed, spiced. Also notable on their menu for breakfast is the ‘Homestyle Sandwich,’ the ‘Egg Bhurji’ or scrambled eggs. Couple them with Chai, and it makes for a wonderful Indian breakfast.

While you are reading this, I’m busy watching people here at Masala Chai and writing while savoring another glass of piping hot Cutting Chai. Do watch out for my next post.

Oh and yes, do check out the 360 degree photo (panoramic photo) of Masala Chai. Click on the play button to see the panorama. The photo credits go to

DSC_1832 Panorama






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