What type of Facebook ‘Liker’ are you?

There are different kinds of ‘Likers’ on Facebook.  Well, the different kinds cannot really be as neatly arranged in jars and shelves as in the pic above, but, ask me, and I’ll tell you the broad categories of ‘Likers.’
In all good humor, of course all our Facebook friends do fall into any of these categories. They may move from one category to another, but they will remain in one of them.
The major buckets of ‘Likers’ on Facebook are:
1. Loyal Likers – They ‘Like’ everything you post. Or even if you don’t post anything. You eat something and you write about it, they like it. You got constipated and you post about it, they like it. Your pet ant waddled in egg yolk for a whole 29 seconds before drowning in it, and you mention it up here, they like it. They are your true Facebook friends, truest in the real sense of the term, and will be there through your ‘thick & thin’ post days.
2. Reciprocal Likers – Much to your chagrin, yes, they exist. You ‘like’ their posts, photos, videos, etc and etc, and they like yours. You don’t like their updates two times, and they stop too. Try it with a few suspects.  Let me not stir up hornets nests here.
3. Moody Likers – The first of every month, and this category is on a ‘liking’ spree. A good meal, and this category is on another ‘liking’ spree. You got it, right?
4. Lazy Likers – They just hit the ‘like’ button when something catches their eye. They don’t go to the extra ten miles to select a ‘love’ or a ‘wow’ button. Everything they love is a ‘like.’
Oh, and I wanted to mention the ‘Shy Likers’ above, but I didn’t, because I respect the fact that they are shy to declare they like something. A lot of people don’t hit the reaction buttons on my status updates, but they do tell me how much they enjoyed reading something I posted. My take: They don’t like PDA. (Public Display of Affection).

‘Wife of a Bears’ Lineman’ wins medal in the Olympics! Really?

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 11.31.19 AM


Wow! What a wonderful news, and what a wonderful tweet from @chicagotribune! ‘Wife of a Bears’ lineman wins a bronze medal today in Rio Olympics.’

You know what would have been better and, perhaps, less atrocious than this particular tweet?  A photo of the Bears’ lineman with the medal around his neck and the tweet saying ‘his wife got it in the Rio Olympics.’ That would have got them more clicks, more ‘retweets,’ and more ‘likes’ on their Twitter handle.

Are we really in 2016? An Olympics champion doesn’t have a name because the champion is a woman? Or does she not deserve being called by her own name? Was she born with that name ‘Wife of Bears’ Lineman?’

I fail to understand!

For the information of the Chicago Tribune, her name is Cory Cogdell-Unrein.

She has worked hard at getting where she is at now, and Chicago Tribune happily robbed her of the credit she is due by totally expunging her name from the tweet. Obviously, they are looking at more of a buzz about themselves, but such puerile ways don’t really help.

In their defense, they may want to strike a chord with their Bears followers by mentioning that the ‘wife of a Bears’ lineman’ was a winner at the Olympics, but when it is a stand-alone piece of news dedicated to the Olympian winner, she.deserves.to.be.called.by.her.own.name.

An earnest request to the Chicago Tribune: If you are putting up such a news especially about a woman, can you please make sure you do justice to the person in the news and give her the credit that is rightly hers?  You will still get your social media love that way.