‘Wife of a Bears’ Lineman’ wins medal in the Olympics! Really?

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Wow! What a wonderful news, and what a wonderful tweet from @chicagotribune! ‘Wife of a Bears’ lineman wins a bronze medal today in Rio Olympics.’

You know what would have been better and, perhaps, less atrocious than this particular tweet?  A photo of the Bears’ lineman with the medal around his neck and the tweet saying ‘his wife got it in the Rio Olympics.’ That would have got them more clicks, more ‘retweets,’ and more ‘likes’ on their Twitter handle.

Are we really in 2016? An Olympics champion doesn’t have a name because the champion is a woman? Or does she not deserve being called by her own name? Was she born with that name ‘Wife of Bears’ Lineman?’

I fail to understand!

For the information of the Chicago Tribune, her name is Cory Cogdell-Unrein.

She has worked hard at getting where she is at now, and Chicago Tribune happily robbed her of the credit she is due by totally expunging her name from the tweet. Obviously, they are looking at more of a buzz about themselves, but such puerile ways don’t really help.

In their defense, they may want to strike a chord with their Bears followers by mentioning that the ‘wife of a Bears’ lineman’ was a winner at the Olympics, but when it is a stand-alone piece of news dedicated to the Olympian winner, she.deserves.to.be.called.by.her.own.name.

An earnest request to the Chicago Tribune: If you are putting up such a news especially about a woman, can you please make sure you do justice to the person in the news and give her the credit that is rightly hers?  You will still get your social media love that way.