My Larry David Syndrome Day


Some days are just not for me. Just not.

On these days, it is a lot of pressure on me to smile at humanity. The reason is that a smile is almost always followed by an unmentioned expectation to make small talk. And on such days when the sun doesn’t rise in my horizon, I can’t make small talk. Recursively then, I can’t smile at people.  I don’t want to make small talk, and therefore, I can’t smile. I call it my Larry David Syndrome.

Honestly, I cant go as overboard as Larry does in ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ in that particular episode (I forget which one) when he uses his mom’s death as an excuse not to talk to someone, but sorry, yes, I’m bad. Only on some days. Especially mornings.

On such mornings, I prefer the plant kingdom to the animal kingdom.

I don’t want to get into what happens to me on these gloomy days, but you can safely assume that if I’m pricked at on my Larry David Syndrome day, you will find yourself getting tumble-dried. Yes, in the dryer. And post that, I may leave you in there to get some fungus on you.

To get out of this Syndrome, I eat, listen to soothing or ear-blasting music (depending on how scorching the sun is), and spend around 20 minutes at a cafe alone. Why 20 mins, you may ask. Because that is the maximum time I can manage to get for myself on any given day. I do check the kiddos funny pics and those crack me up!

Do you have Larry David Syndrome days too?



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