10 bytes for International Women’s Day


I feel very international today. And more womanly. Above all, its International Women’s Day today. March 8. How lucky are we to get a day for us. Very lucky indeed!

How can I not have a quick rundown of being a woman! Here are my 10 bytes of happy womanhood on Women’s Day.

  1. I’ve gone through the crushes we all go through. And I’ve happily crushed the crushes to being what I’m today.
  2. I’ve gone through the happy pain of childbirth, so don’t give me a shit about any kind of physical pain!
  3. I’ve understood that plus size is good, and extra small is good. Fat is good, and thin is good. Tall is good, and short is good. But Photoshopping the sizes is NOT.
  4. There’s a lot more in life than worrying about my girth. Or about the color of my baby’s poop.
  5. Getting some ‘me’ time helps me deal with the supposed most critical of cases.
  6.  Age is just a number. As long as its within 40. After that it’s obdurate blindness.
  7. Men are essentially good. They do wish us a Happy Women’s Day! 😉
  8. I tell my boy that he can make robots. And that he must cook in a year or two.
  9. Men glance at other women. Women glance at other men too.
  10. The world hasn’t yet evolved enough. I will consider it evolved the day a man gets pregnant.



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