Ryan Tales-2

ryancardboard2Flash tales from Ryan, Part 2.

A guest couple came home, and fascinated by Ryan’s oratory skills and vocabulary, the ‘aunty’ asked him a lot of general knowledge questions. Ryan paid attention to some, shrugged off some, showed himself as extremely busy at some questions, and played pranks at some more. However, when he had started to warm up to some questions, he gave answers which stumbled us all. Here’s one.

Aunty to Ryan: ‘Ryan, which animal has the longest neck?’

Now, for those fraction of seconds when Ryan was about to answer, all of us, the shallow tea-sipping general bourgeois, limited our thoughts to the poor nondescript giraffe as the animal with the longest neck.

While we were just waiting for him to utter what our mind was speaking, he popped out ‘Dinosaur. Some dinosaurs.’

Alas, we couldn’t prove him wrong.  As the mom, I could see that a Brachiosaurus was walking in Ryan’s mind.

Kudos to his creativity.

If you are following the ‘Ryan Tales’ series, here’s the first one – Ryan Tales.


6 thoughts on “Ryan Tales-2

  1. It’s an absolute pleasure reading about the interesting glimpses of life at your end. Just don’t stop…waiting for more such lovely instances! ! Loving these big time…

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