On not writing a post

So this post is about not writing a post the last week.

Lots of things are happening, and all at the same time. Diwali is approaching(it had to anyways), and Im doing nothing about it but it has to be on the list; the kid has fallen sick real bad, is sleepless and doesnt really do much other than crying and hanging on my lap; I seem to be eating a lot because Im not sleeping (really, do people eat a lot when they dont sleep?), and Im going through the I’m-a-mommy phase with disheveled hair and pyjamas that are reeking of baby cream, olive oil, red and pink and colorless medicines, and soup.  And yes, Im snapping at the smallest of issues which are probably not even issues.

So, with Diwali around, and the kid perched up on me, my day-long pyjamas refusing to let go of me, and my messy house that resembles a war torn fortress, Im almost a ball of nerve endings without the ends. If you know what that may mean. Definitely, blog posts will be post-dated.

On a side note, here’s a totally unrelated photo that had me laughing. It was taken at my kid’s birthday party by a kind friend who wanted to take photos, but forgot to focus on the faces. It was a totally ‘candid’ pic if thats what you may call it because he didnt want to click feet. ‘It just happened.’

If any of you can recognize your feet here, let me know.

shoes pic


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