One Grapeseed and the Sofa – Our Treasure Island

treasureOur sofa set is a treasure trove with the ownership of the treasure clearly identified. This has been a recent serendipitous discovery for us. Now, if anything is missing in the house, the first place to hunt for it is to rip up the sofa seat cushions and the headrest, and viola! You may find what you have lost!

It all started with the hunt for the seed of a grape that fell at the conjunction of the sofa seat and the armrest. Ryan was eating big grapes that had big seeds. One of these seeds popped out of his mouth and fell into the invisible slot between the seat cushion and the armrest of the sofa. Now, since my kiddo is a really ‘nice’ guy, he wanted to pile up all the seeds at the corner of his snack box. He couldn’t take the daring obstinacy of that one seed that fell in there and almost disappeared into the black hole. Down he came from the sofa, and fought with the sofa seat to pull it up. It was almost a wrestling scene in there. I remained a silent spectator. He grunted and groaned; I also overlooked a few episodes of his falling back on the ground with the futile impact of pulling up the seats. Slowly, the headrest was thrown on the other side of the sofa. Gradually, I could hear the ripping of the velcro from underneath the cushions. And then he did it! One huge pull, and the seat bounded off.

That one pull of the sofa seat unravelled treasures unknown, that were once owned and loved, and forever forgotten when these precious gems of possession had suspiciously vanished. Now they were right before their owner, and the expression of surprise and joy on the face of the kiddo was remarkable.

‘Mamma! See what I found,’ came a joyous cry.

Still silent, I went to see what exactly he had discovered. Here’s a quick list:

A green jumping frog, a batman figure, two cars, a toy nurse with a huge head, a host of crayons, a play-doh jar cover, a building blocks window, a plastic spoon, a Kinder Joy surprise toy, a block of Jenga, and a lot of things which I have removed from the photo above to avoid mommy-shame. Some of these include a lot of puffed rice pieces, unused crumpled tissues, a few coins, a dehydrated piece of what seemed an apple slice, two candy wrappers that were beyond recognition, torn crayon covers, and a broken plastic fork. But the lost gem that won hands down was a Yakult bottle still sealed and still intact in its fermented glory. You can see that bottle on the right side in the picture above.

The boy gave gasps of joy as he handed out each of his once lost toys and victoriously held them out. I seemed ecstatic too, though surprise was probably the chief of my expressions!

And then out came the nondescript colorless grapeseed that had initiated this treasure hunt. Ryan picked it and safely placed it in the middle of his empty snack box. Just as expected! Take my word for it. He had piled them up, not me.


Happy to have found more than what he was looking for, the boy remained busy for the rest of the day with his rediscovered toys, and I didn’t dare to see what lay hidden under the other seats. I kept that as a surprise for another day. I was still trying to calculate how that sly Yakult bottle had slid down under that seat and remained there happily.


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