Kipsta Mini Basketball Set Plexi – Our Home Basketball Set

hoop new

With Ryan turning 4 last month, I had somehow convinced him to put up a basketball hoop on his 4th birthday wishlist, and also to enroll him for basketball classes. You see, we mommies almost always have our kids try out every known sport possible, and then take up one or two that they like. Its the same with Ryan. He is trying out basketball and skating, and swimming of course.

Since we are such fans of the sports goods store Decathlon, our obvious place of research was the same. We got the Kipsta Mini Basketball Set B Plexi and we love it. Kipsta is the team-sports brand under the Decathlon group umbrella and focuses on football, basketball, rugby etc.

The kiddo too loves the basketball set. It’s perfect for juniors, and the best feature of this mini basketball set is that it has two hooks with which we can hang it on our doors. The angular hooks are made with precision so that the panel can be easily mounted and unmounted. We can mount it up on doors, fix it on a wall, or put it up on a medium-height loft. For us, it gets hooked to our doors. Whenever Ryan wants to play basketball, we mount it up and when done, we remove it from the door. It is true that once it is mounted, the door needs a tad bit extra push to close, but that push doesnt hurt the panel or the door. We really loved the modularity of the piece. Here is a quick pic of the Plexi set on our door.

hoop 1

Since it is meant for beginners, a mini basketball is what we need for the hoop. The panel is made of polycarbonate material that makes it strong, hard, and break resistant.

The installation time was also minimal, almost around 5 to 10 minutes for the dad who is a pro at the mechanics of these equipments. The panel also has small black pads to rest it evenly on doors, however, we had to put dual-sided tapes to keep the entire panel straight because our door probably has a smaller width than other doors. On our door, the lower end of the panel was not in line with the upper end, but with the tapes, the lower end got extra cushioning and remained straight. This is a pic of the box in which the basketball set was packaged:

kipsta box

You may want to get one of these if you have a 4 to 7 year old kid who could be interested in basketball for the first time. Priced at INR 1299, it is worth a buy.


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