Being Mommy – Spiderman Love #SpidermanSaturdays

#ThrowBackThursdays and #FollowFridays are passe. Its the era of  #SpidermanSaturdays. Or so as the kiddo makes me feel.

This Saturday was a ‘I’m a Spiderman’ wake up call for me. There was an early morning demand for change of clothes to the Spidey costume. Let me tell you that Ryan’s love for Spidey is not new. It is a three years old love. Im counting from the time he turned 1. Also, so well known is his love for the tight-costumed red guy that he inevitably gets a Spiderman gift every year on his birthday. Not only that, his Spideys accompany him on car trips both long and short, to the park (mostly hidden in a tiny bag that he never wants to part ways with), and on the bed too. The guys are often lined up near his pillow, and they dedicatedly cast a watchful glance at him all night when he sleeps. Sometimes they often find a space on his pillow as in here:


Coming back to #SpidermanSaturdays, there was an early morning change into the red costume, and out tumbled all the Spideys that have overtaken our house these years. They were made to do some ‘stretching exercises’ as Ryan mentioned. Like this:

spideys exercising

Then, they were made to sit together. All the men. All the Spidermen. Including Ryan spiderman. Also, there was a rendering of ‘Ryan Man, Ryan Man/ Friendly Neighborhood Ryan Man….’ when off I went to brush. Yes, I had not brushed while all of this was happening. That is called being a mommy. There was also a photo session soon after.


After all the morning hubbub of Spiderman, I did have a peaceful afternoon. Thanks to the dad.


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