Of Lotus-eating. And eating oranges.


The first sight of oranges in stores tells me that it is already Autumn and that winter is just around the corner. I love winter for its lovely blanket of sunshine during the days, and for my favorite soft comforter during the night. One of the most interesting love affairs I have is with oranges and winters. I simply love to sit in the winter sunshine and eat oranges. Strange? Maybe.

I love to peel the fruit and eat it, savoring the tartness and the sweetness of it all in one bite. It brings back memories from my childhood when my mom used to give me an orange every day during my winter vacations. What makes this memory more fondly nostalgic is that every winter morning, a huge quilt would be put out in the sun to absorb the bright and radiant sunlight, and I used to sit on this huge quilt with indolent comfort and eat my orange. As a kid, it would be my favorite ‘thing-to-do’ in the seemingly balmy winter afternoons. It was a fascinating experience. Everyday.

This lotus-eating joy of citrusy afternoons has stayed on in me till date. And I crave for those afternoons. I love to peel an orange part by part, and Im joyous like a kid as I get to see more of the juicy orange inside. Careful so as not to hurt the inner translucent skin of the sections, I separate the white stringy pith from each segment. I do take a good look at the bean-shaped segment before I pop it into my mouth and savor the sudden burst of juicy pulp while twirling it in my mouth. I believe my face has the same half-eyed expression of contentment shown in chocolate-eating adverts. And yes, after the gratifying session of orange eating, there is the customary strong ‘tuh’; the clicking of the tongue from the palate to savor the last strains of tanginess in the mouth.

Waiting for the winter noons to bring in loads of orange goodness this year too!


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