Being Mommy-Ryan’s Illustrations 1

Ryan is my to-be 4 year old atom of energy. Always sprinting, always clinging, always talking, he is the head of the household. Everything almost circles around him. Yes, still. Now that he has a new love for the pencil, he is never seen without one. He is always coloring, or sketching, or scribbling, or just thinking of chewing it.

A look at his school books and I was happily laughing my guts out. Posting some of his illustrations. No matter what the instructions say, he has proper and adequate reasons for all his actions on these pages.  I love this guy!

full empty

He scribbled in the ‘Empty’ jar. His reason: ‘Mamma, I didnt like the jar empty. That is why I put some water in it. Some black water.’

And his cavities showed 🙂

tall short

The tall and the short of it. Since he had to make a tall tree beside the short one, he made it a little higher than the ground level [:)].

More to continue…


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