Short Trip to Bandipur – 1


We are going to Bandipur National Park, a tiger reserve in Karnataka, India. It is supposed to be home to a variety of animals, including a lot of endangered species. Our vacation is really a slim one, but we are excited about the quick break from the we-can’t-see-the-skies-anymore lifestyle.

The park is a tiger reserve, but we are not sure if we can actually spot a tiger while on our safari, though we will definitely cheer silently when we see an elephant. We hope to see a lot of fauna and flora from close quarters, and that may include mosquitoes. Will keep this space posted with more pics and notes.


2 thoughts on “Short Trip to Bandipur – 1

  1. You should get to see an Elephant for sure. Bandipur has one of the highest elephant densities in India and there are more than 3500 elephants in that range. Good Luck. if you have any questions, feel free to contact the experts @ WildTrails of India – WildTrails.In

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