Jogging Styles

Do you jog? Of course you do! Who doesn’t? Jogging is perhaps one of the most versatile form of exercises known to mankind, right from athletes participating in global sports events to the local betel-leaf seller who jogs with his lips tight to stop the red spit from falling out with the rhythmic pacing of his feet. Wait, does a betel-leaf seller jog?
Now for the question: Did you notice that each jogger has his or her own style of doing the activity? It is actually fantastic to note the styles. Lets follow them.
Some joggers amble. It is as if they know the day has just started, their bosses are out-of-town, their kids are happily torturing their teachers, and time has stopped. So they amble. They stroll. They almost meditate while strolling. If I am allowed to exaggerate, they can let the wind play with their hair, and they would love to toss their head on the sides much like the actors in Bollywood movies.
Some joggers make their bodies, specifically their legs, jog. Their lugubrious legs refuse to move and almost lay on the tracks, but they pick the legs up and start again. It’s as if they carry their legs in their hands. This category of joggers seem to be trying hard to exercise so they can nod assertively with their cohorts, smile with their lips bent at the corners as if to say ‘I too jog. I exercise very hard. Every morning.’
Some of them run at a decent pace (about less than 8kms/hr), with feet perfectly treading the ground, and the hands bent accurately at the elbows moving backward and forward, backward and forward. You get the picture, yes. These joggers are the butterflies in the jogging world, other joggers envy them.  They sail smoothly on the tracks with their sweat dripping down and creating wet cracks on their t-shirts. They have a music system almost installed into their ear drums and phones strapped on their arms. The perfect eye-candies on the jogging tracks.
Some joggers run. They run as if they are racing a charging bull. Or as if their wallets have been stolen, and they have spotted the pickpocket running ahead of them. They run defying the wind, and the sun. Their health bands often stop counting because they run out of numbers. Decelerating while jogging is below their dignity, and under no circumstance can you expect them to stop, maybe unless they see the ground cracking.
If you fall under any of these categories, take all this in good humor and jog on.

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