When was the last time you really laughed?

When was the last time you really laughed?
Laughed loudly.
Laughed whole heartedly. Laughed with your pearly whites out, your eyes tightly crinkled, and with your eyebrows almost touching each other.
Laughed so much that you’ve fallen off.
Laughed so much that copious happy tears rolled down, and there was no way to stop them.
Laughed so hard you had to hold your tummy because it had started hurting. Laughed without thinking of the surroundings.
Laughed uninhibited.
And then tried to stop while wiping your tears.  But it seemed unstoppable. You could feel the surge coming on again, that laughter wave. Your mind replayed what you heard or saw that had  brought on that spasm, and involuntarily, you start again; first in short grunting chortles, and then in another face-crinkled outburst until you actually fell off from where you were. Only this time, you realized shortly that you had drooled too, and you felt your face covered in an incorrigible mix of tears and drool that you wiped with the back of your hand which, further, you rubbed on your pants.
Yes, when was the last time this happened to you?
If its been long, maybe it’s time for a Three Men in A Boat, or a P.G. Wodehouse, or anything that works for you. Laughing helps.
Laughing heals.

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